In addition to having a reliable locksmith on call for emergencies, it pays to follow a few security and safety tips to minimise the risk of your home or property being burgled or broken into when you’re not at home.

 Every day security tips:

  •  When moving in to a new home, consider installing new locks.
    You won’t always know its history, so for extra peace of mind and security, it can usually be a good idea to get the locks changed and re-keyed.
  • Install a security system
    A security system can often be left on even when you’re in the house, as most have different programming options which let you program the sensors to trigger the alarm only in certain areas of the house and at certain times of day. When the alarm sounds, it should notify you via mobile, or be linked straight to a security provider.
  • Lock garages and sheds.
    Garages and sheds can be a target for thieves, especially if you keep valuables in there like tools, bicycles and surfboards. Always keep garages and sheds secured with quality locks.
  • Always lock up
    Even when you’re leaving the house for a just few minutes, you should always lock all accessible doors and windows.
  • Keep the outdoors of your home tidy
    Keep gardens, trees and shrubs trimmed back so burglars don’t have somewhere to hide. Also, wheelie bins, lattice, trees, nearby fences could all serve as ladders for burglars to access second storey doors and windows, so keep them away from reach.
  • Use lights as added security
    If you leave the house at night, ensure you leave a few lights on and close the curtains and blinds to make it look like someone is still at home. You should also install sensor lights outside that automatically turn on when someone approaches.

When you’re going away on holidays:

  • Consider a trusted house sitter
    They don’t have to stay there the whole time, but they can drop in periodically to check everything’s still in order, water the plants, and clean up the pile of fliers and newspapers on your front doorstep. Alternatively, there are services which offer house sitting and security services.
  • Get the post office to hold your mail while you’re away
    That way there won’t be a pile up of mail which obviously alerts people to the fact that you’re not home.
  • Consider using timer lights
    Invest in some timers that turn the lights on and off for a few hours every evening, to make it look as though people are still at home.